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Wreaths for the Advent Season

Soon it will be time for the Advent season to begin! With beautiful wreaths you can create a special atmosphere in your home – be it with a simple eucalyptus wreath or an Advent wreath with or without candles. Below we present our wreaths. It is worth ordering early – the offer is limited.


Eukalyptuskranz Advent Adventskranz Weihnachten Blumenpost

Simple eucalyptus wreaths for the front door – or as table decoration

Eucalyptus wreaths are something wonderful: they dry quickly and decorate the front door in a Christmassy way. The fact that eucalyptus also smells nice is just another great highlight!

Our eucalyptus wreaths will be available from 16 November 2021 and can be pre-ordered now. They are available in two different sizes: One with a diameter of approx. 34cm, the other with a diameter of approx. 40cm. We ship our eucalyptus wreaths throughout Switzerland.

You can order the wreaths here or by phone at 044 461 82 82.

Eukalyptuskranz Advent Adventskranz Weihnachten Blumenpost

Wreaths to your taste: classic Advent wreaths or playful wreaths with dried flowers

This year, we make Advent wreaths to order, with or without candles, just the way you like them. Whether a simple fir wreath with four white candles, a eucalyptus fir wreath with dried flowers, a mixed classic Advent wreath – everything is possible.

It pays to enquire early, especially here, because we only have a limited capacity for making wreaths and the orders just fly in – how wonderful! :-)

Call us at 044 461 82 82 or send us an email at