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Trendy Living: Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are ideal for anyone who loves flowers but doesn't want to take care of them. This is because dried flowers are probably the easiest flowers in the world to care for – and they last at least six months (usually even longer). In this blog, we'll give you ideas on how to decorate your home with dried flowers and enjoy them forever.


First of all, you can of course put your dried flowers anywhere you like. We're just giving you a little inspiration here on where dried flowers look great (as there are also places where fresh flowers can be the right choice). If you have any other ideas, be sure to tag us on Instagram or Facebook in your post, or email us the photo. Then we'll include your idea here.

Trockenstrauss Blumenpost Schweiz USM Night Owl Fritz Hansen

Eternal beauties on classics!

Dried flowers are especially beautiful on sideboards in the living room, hallway or office. After all, people like to decorate these sideboards in such a way that they always look pretty. Like in this picture: with a beautiful Night Owl lamp by Fritz Hansen (you can buy it here, by the way), a beautiful picture and maybe some emotionally valuable objects like photos, jewellery or beautiful stones from the last beach holiday. The dried flowers can be chosen to match the sideboard (here it's a great piece from USM furniture) and the other beautiful items on it. In the picture here, our customer Larissa has chosen to make the colour blue the centre of attention. And so our Fortuna dry bouquet harmonises wonderfully with the abstract picture and the classic USM sideboard. By the way: the choice of vase is also essential. We generally recommend opaque vases (e.g. made of ceramic). After all, the stems of dried bouquets are not really pretty. And so when choosing the vase, you can also make sure that it fits in well with the picture – here it harmonises just fantastically with the beautiful lamp. This vase is from the Danish brand Ditte Fisher, bought in the great shop Ademas in Winterthur (to the online shop). We love!

Blumenpost Racolta Trockenstrauss Wohntrends

For a good night's sleep and the best wake-up ever

For many people (including us), the bedside table is a place that doesn't get enough attention. Yet it is the last thing you see in the evening and the first thing you wake up to in the morning. That's why the motto is quite clear: more love for the bedside table! Depending on the room and the colour of the bed linen, everyone is of course free to decide which colours the bouquet should have. Our customer Fiona, for example, whose bouquet we photographed, sleeps only in white linen. And because she keeps the furnishings in her bedroom otherwise very simple and minimal, she wanted to bring a portion of colour into the room with the dried bouquet. The reason? "Now it's getting dark and wet outside again – I need fresh colour in the room for the winter months". So she decided on our Racolta dry bouquet, our harvest bouquet, as it is translated from Rhaeto-Romanic. And in the pistachio green vase by Ditte Fisher, it just really looks the way we imagine October to be. Good night!

For a flowery hello and goodbye!

The entrance at the front door is often dominated by shoes, umbrellas and – in autumn and winter – thick jackets and coats. With a beautiful dry bouquet on the lowboard, you not only give yourself and guests the opportunity to admire local flowers while tying your shoes, but also directly ensure that the lowboard is not abused as a coat rack – win-win! You can buy the beautiful lowboard in the photo here. With a dry bouquet in the entrance area, you directly create a cosy atmosphere and set different accents depending on the choice of the bouquet and the vase. Here, our customer chose the Allegra dry bouquet – and placed it in the pretty new vase from en Soie (available here).

For a little mmh and ooh: dried flowers in the kitchen

Yes, you read that right: dried flowers in the kitchen! Be it on a small kitchen table, a window sill or even on the kitchen shelf – dried flowers bring a wonderful mood into the kitchen. Especially, of course, if they are made from organic flowers! After all, the kitchen and the dining table are all about eating and smelling. In our opinion, organic flowers free of pesticides and dyes are the only thing that should be on the table (i.e. in the vase). Depending on the kitchen, different bouquets are suitable – but in our opinion, the dry bouquet Fortuna (here on the photo) in the Ademas vase fits perfectly in Larissa's kitchen and with the beautiful coffee machine (but almost everything goes with it anyway).

No matter where you place your dried flowers at home: they are always an eye-catcher, a great low-maintenance home accessory and full of history! Even though flowers represent transience; with dried flowers you can delay it a little. And depending on the space in your home, that can be perfect! But if you prefer fresh flowers and still want to have flowers at home all the time, our flower subscription is perfect for you. Check it out!

Lots of love,


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