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August in the Swiss flower world is simply a dream. All kinds of different varieties are in bloom, which we present to you here! But one thing at a time. Let's take a look at the seasonal treasures of August in our seasonal calendar.


Because we spent the first two weeks of August on holiday ourselves, we only created two bouquets in this high summer month.

Hypericum Johanniskraut Beeren Blumenpost Blumen Saisonkalender

St. John's wort (aka Hypericum)

In medicine, St. John's wort (hypericum) is used to treat depression and insomnia – in the bouquet, its pink berries really put you in a good mood.

Sedum Fetthenne Blumenpost Blumen Saisonkalender


You can recognise sedum by its white-pink flowers and fleshy leaves – the latter is why sedum is also called stonecrop in our country and why they belong to the succulent family.

Succisella Blumenpost Blumen Saisonkalender


The light purple succisella with its spherical inflorescences is a beautiful and graceful perennial.

Nägeli (Carnations)

The bright pink nägeli belong to the "spray carnation" varieties – this is because the small side shoots are not removed and therefore several flowers develop. This is how they differ from the classic carnations, which have only 1 large flower on the stem.

Arthemisia Silberkraut Blumenpost Blumen Saisonkalender

Arthemisia (silvery mugwort)

The light grey-silvery arthemisia stems in your bouquet may have very inconspicuous little flowers, but the whole plant smells really aromatic and is therefore definitely worth a noseful.

Black cumin (aka Nigella)

Black cumin is a very old spice and medicinal plant, where mainly the black seeds (hence the name) are used – either pure or as oil.