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Summer: the Dilemma of this Season

In the flower industry, we face a floral dilemma during the summer months. While the flower fields are in bloom and we can hardly get enough of the variety of shapes and colours, the demand for flowers on the part of customers decreases. In this article we explain the reasons in more detail and tell you why you should order flowers for yourself and as gifts during the summer months.

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The most sustainable flowers of all

Precisely because most summer flowers come from Switzerland, they are naturally the most sustainable flowers of all. They grow with the warmth of the sun in our open fields and thus have a really good environmental balance. At the same time, they are grown here in Switzerland and the transport from the field to the flower shop and to your home is as short as possible. In summer, you can thus buy flowers from Switzerland with the very best conscience. You support local producers, produce practically no CO2 and enjoy the most beautiful flowers in your vase at home.

The cycle of the flower industry

The flower industry is one of the sectors that – if you want it to be so as a customer – varies greatly in the four different seasons. But one thing is clear: the absolute peak season for flowers is in summer. This is because when it is warm outside and the sun is shining, our fields bloom in abundance. During these months, the variety of shapes, colours and smells is enormous – and the bouquets we make at Blumenpost are simply beautiful and overwhelmingly varied. This flowery high season officially begins after the Ice Saints, which are usually in mid-May. That's when things really take off flower-wise. From peonies, snapdragons, artichokes, gladioli and echinacea to dahlias that herald late summer. Flowers and summer: they belong together. Whether for a dinner with friends in the garden, where a colourful and wild bouquet should decorate the table, for the kitchen next to peaches and strawberries, or as a gift for friends and family. Flowers and summer go hand in hand.

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At the same time, the flower industry as a whole experiences a sharp decline precisely in the months of June to August. People are outdoors more often and go on holiday. Of course, flower shops and florists know this and arrange themselves accordingly. But the fact that fewer flowers are bought in the very months when the fields are in bloom is just really sad. After all, the flowers themselves have taken months of effort to grow beautifully! It's too bad if we don't enjoy their blossom and fresh scent at home.

For summer flower love!

As you know, Blumenpost is all about the flowers we put in our bouquets. We celebrate each and every flower and always introduce them to you. With each bouquet you have the opportunity to get to know all the flowers and from then on you can recognise them in nature, in the flower shop or at friends' homes. And because we work very seasonally at the same time, the bouquets change throughout the year. In summer, of course, we only use seasonal Swiss summer flowers – the most beautiful ones of all! The best thing about it? The variety is huge and therefore no two bouquets are alike in the summer. During these months, we could really do somersaults because of it! When our producers contact us with the current flower varieties, the list is endless and we can really draw from the full when planning our bouquets. That's why it's clear that summer is our absolute favourite season, and the bouquets are exciting, colourful and wild.

You want to see a small selection of flowers that are in season with us in summer? We present them to you in our seasonal calendar. And if you would like to see the floral selection at home, we recommend our seasonal calendar poster. Beautifully illustrated, it shows you Swiss varieties that are in season throughout the year.

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An appeal to summer lovers

At Blumenpost, we would like to ring the summer bell again and make it ring with all our might! So that all the beautiful flowers that have been diligently growing in our Swiss fields get the full attention they deserve. Therefore: order summer flowers to your home and give them to friends and family – for birthdays, engagements, summer parties, garden evenings or picnics. Individually or even in a subscription. We have created a special summer subscription for this purpose: limited to the three summer months, you will receive the full force of summer flowers delivered directly to your home. Either a total of three bouquets (a bouquet every 4 weeks) or a total of six bouquets (every 2 weeks). You decide how often and in which size. The summer subscription is available from CHF 135 (price for all bouquets incl. delivery). The first summer subscriptions will be delivered from 22 June 2021 and we will give away a pair of flower scissors worth CHF 24 with each subscription.

The perfect gift for everyone who has their birthday in summer