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Since the first day of Blumenpost, we have dreamed of creating a beautiful seasonal calender poster. A poster that shows the variety of Swiss flowers that can be grown and bought here in Switzerland. Now it is finally available in our online shop again. It is with great pleasure that we now present our poster to you in this blog.

Blumenpost Saisonkalender Blumen Plakat Poster

A brief history of the seasonal poster and why we launched it

As you know, seasonality and regionality are very important to us – and they are top priorities at Blumenpost. If you get your flowers directly from the garden or fresh from the field, you know exactly what is in season and when. Unfortunately, in flower shops and even at the market, the origin is often not obvious, or only with difficulty. And that makes it difficult for consumers to find their way around, to choose seasonal flowers and thus the sustainable option. We want to change that with this poster. Just as many of you are familiar with vegetables, our seasonal calendar offers you a great overview of flowers, berries and branches that grow in the Swiss open countryside throughout the year. We want to make lost, important knowledge available again and create awareness for seasonality and regionality.

The poster

With the seasonal poster, we are therefore showing you a selection of 50 varieties of Swiss flowers, berries and branches – all illustrated by hand, with a love of detail and beautifully gaudy highlights. Of course there would be many more varieties – but we wanted to leave the possibility open for a second edition.

Blumenpost Saisonkalender Blumen Plakat Poster

How can you read the poster?

You can read the seasonal poster from top to bottom or from left to right. The year begins with the romantic cherries in January, whose buds blossom in the warmth at home, and ends in December with the gentle silk pines, which bring a real Christmas atmosphere into the home. Below the illustrations you will find the Swiss names and the melodious Latin names such as cosmea (garden cosmos) or nigella (black cumin). Underneath you can see – otherwise it wouldn't be a seasonal calendar – the season of this variety in the cryptic J F M A M J J A S O N D with highlighted letters. The corresponding months are highlighted and show you when this variety flowers or can be found in bouquets. This is because not all varieties revolve around the time of flowering. In the case of rosehips, for example, we are mainly interested in when the beautiful berries come into bloom so that we can tie them into the bouquets. Please note: the indicated flowering time is a guideline – it can of course vary from year to year, as, for example, the first frost sometimes surprises us a little earlier than expected.

Who is this calender for?

The seasonal calender is for everyone who would like to learn a few names of flower varieties, who would like to join us in making Switzerland's flower industry more sustainable and who would like to beautify their living room, kitchen or bathroom at the same time (yes, the poster also works great as an unusual toilet reading!). And of course, the seasonal calender poster also makes a wonderful gift – for Christmas or just because. After all, it's just a great feeling to walk through nature or through the neighbourhood, to recognise flora on meadows and in gardens and to be able to call them by name – or to photograph them and look them up on the poster at home.

We wish you much joy in admiring, studying, learning and recognising.

Click here to see the poster!

Lots of love, Blumenpost