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Dried Flowers: They Are Back!

Finally they are back: our dried flowers made from 100% Swiss flowers, yay! As always, they are limited (you can read more about the reasons below) and can be pre-ordered now. We will then send them out from 3rd October 2022 – throughout Switzerland and until they are sold out. It pays to fall in love and order early! In this article we introduce you to the new bouquets.


Why are the bouquets limited?

As you know, we are committed to sustainability. The majority of our dried flowers are therefore grown by our producer in Aargau, either outdoors or protected under plastic sheeting, harvested and carefully dried in the attic. The entire collection consists almost exclusively of organic flowers. Only a small part cannot be grown in organic quality.

You may have figured it out: some flowers and grasses are dried especially for us; the purple-flowered field plantain, for example. At the moment they are still drying, but at the end of September we will finally be able to tie them into beautiful dried flower bouquets and send them directly to your home. When the bouquets are sold out, we will have to wait again until autumn 2023. By then, new fresh flowers will have grown in fields in the summer, been harvested and dried.

Our new dried flowers collection

Dried flowers have been somewhat forgotten for a long time. Today they are back and celebrated for their beauty, longevity and sustainability. Each bouquet in our new collection has its own style and feel – a personality, you might say. In a way, they have been personified by their names.

Our Neave: delicate, sensual and soft

With soft pink and pastel yellow hues, intricate detail and grace, Neave is a dream floating on the breeze. Featuring white paper buttons, delphinium, the most delicate feather grass, statice, paper flowers, yarrow, flax, the filigree quaking grass and strawflowers. The perfect gift for anyone who loves beautiful things.

Our Neave is approx. 50cm high and has approx. 25 stems (100% Swiss).

Meet Neave

Our Claude: simple, elegant and minimalist

With a calmness combined with cool, clean colours and intriguing textures, Claude makes the perfect subtle statement. Silver arthemisia, beige astilbe, statice, white paper flowers, pennisetum, nigella capsules, eucalyptus and strawflowers make up this bouquet. A calming influence in your home.

Our Claude is approx. 50cm high and has approx. 25 stems (100% Swiss).

Meet Claude

Our Frieda: colourful, confident and playful

A colourful assortment of varieties and colours combined just right – Frieda stands for good times and good humour. With playful flax, bright strawflowers, purple-flowered rimweed, hare's-tail grass, purple chaffinch flowers, blue thistles, quaking grass, larkspur and statice. Frieda brings a smile to your face.

Our Frieda is approx. 50cm high and has approx. 25 stems (100% Swiss).

Meet Frieda

Sofia: splendid, lush and plump

It represents everything that is autumn: the rich harvests, the warm reds, oranges and yellows, the wheat fields and the seed-rich pods. With the round scabiosa stellatta, feather celosia, orange and yellow strawflowers, yellow yarrow, wheat heads, poppy pods, playful pennisetum, white thistles and eucalyptus. Warmth and joy guaranteed!

Our Sofia is approx. 50cm high and has approx. 25 stems (100% Swiss).

Meet Sofia

Beautiful, aren't they? We wish you lots of fun with our dried flowers!

As dried flowers are a natural product, the colours and varieties may vary slightly.

Lots of love,

Your Blumenpost