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Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide Blumenpost Flowers

Christmas is just around the corner! And because we have great personal gift ideas for all tastes and budgets, we present them to you here in our Christmas Gift Guide! Enjoy reading and, above all, enjoy giving!


Blumenabos Blumen im Abo Geschenk Weihnachtsgeschenk

Flower subscriptions

Our absolute bestsellers as Christmas gifts are flower subscriptions that will surprise your loved ones again and again in the new year with fresh bouquets of flowers, reminding them time and again of you and your friendship, love and relationship. Depending on the personality of the person receiving the gift, budget and wishes, we have different subscriptions - all starting in the new year. And all subscriptions can be customised by choosing the size of the bouquet, the frequency of delivery and the day of delivery. And with the subscriptions, we not only include the delivery costs, but also a pair of flower scissors. The perfect gift!

Here we introduce them to you, below you can compare them directly with each other.

1 year of floral joy!

With an annual subscription, we will surprise your recipient with a seasonal bouquet of flowers for 12 months, delivered directly to their door. This way you give a whole year of joy and the person you give the gift to not only experiences all the great flower varieties that are available in a year, but also the wonderful variety that arises throughout the year. Whether every 2 or 4 weeks is up to you. The flower subscription for a whole year is available from CHF 540 including delivery, personal gift card for Christmas and a personal note with the first bouquet!

The perfect gift for those who like it simple

Looking for a thoughtful gift for someone who likes simple flowers in a vase? Then our subscription for 6 months is perfect. Every four weeks, we surprise the recipient with a bouquet with all the stars of the moment! The six-month subscription with six beautiful mixed bouquets costs CHF 270 including delivery, a personal gift card for Christmas and a personal note with the first bouquet!

A great gift for a small budget

If you're looking for a small but great flower subscription, our 3-month subscription is perfect for you. It surprises with 3 or 6 bouquets (depending on the delivery frequency you choose) and lets your recipient immerse themselves in a particular season. If you start the subscription in January, it will showcase the wonderful winter floral world: with Ticino magnolias, brightly coloured camellias, soft willow catkins and beautiful blossom branches from various fruit trees. Italian yellow mimosa, ranunculus, the first tulips, anemones and freesias - the list is long and provides the most beautiful spring feelings! The flower subscription for 3 months is already available from CHF 135 including delivery, personal gift card for Christmas and a personal note with the 1st bouquet!

For season lovers

Getting to know the different seasons that we enjoy is something really great. With the seasonal subscription you give a total of four deliveries, once every 12 weeks (aka every 3 months). So your recipient gets a winter bouquet, a spring bouquet, a summer bouquet and an autumn bouquet and gets to know all four seasons. And because the deliveries are so far apart, they are always a big surprise! The seasonal subscription is available from CHF 180 including delivery, personal gift card for Christmas and a personal note with the 1st bouquet!

A gift card for personal Christmas giving: For all Christmas flower subscriptions, we send a personal gift card with all the details of the subscription in advance to the billing address (specify at checkout or send an email afterwards). This way you can give your loved ones a gift at Christmas and then surprise them with flowers in the New Year.

Flexible and convenient for the person receiving the gift: The person receiving the gift doesn't have to do anything - except enjoy the fresh flowers. When all the bouquets in the subscription have been delivered, the subscription ends automatically. If they would like to change their subscription, they can simply contact us: whether they want a different delivery day or want to take a break during the holidays - everything is possible. We are flexible with our flower subscriptions - after all, they are meant to give pleasure.

An overview of our subscriptions

Flower subscriptions

12-month subscription

6-month subscription

3-month subscription

seasonal subscription

mono subscription

Frequency of delivery

every 2 or 4 weeks

every 2 or 4 weeks

every 2 or 4 weeks

every 12 weeks

every 4 weeks (continuing)

Number of bouquets gifted

12 or 24

6 or 12

3 or 6



Subscription package (flower sissors, gift card and personal note)






Swiss-wide delivery