With the help of these 8 tips and tricks your flowers will bloom longer and give you long-lasting joy. 


Flowers are a fresh product. That is to say: Flowers are ephemeral, but that's also what makes them so wonderful. In order for them to give you pleasure for as long as possible, they need care, affection and lots of love. Let us share the most important care tips and tricks with you - so that you can enjoy your flowers for as long as possible. See for yourself how simple the right care is - and you too will become a flower pro in no time! :)


For your flowers to get enough water and bloom beautifully, they need to be cut. Make sure that you use the right tool. Ideally, you should use flower scissors, but a kitchen knife without jags will also work. Please never cut your flowers with ordinary kitchen scissors - they will crush the stems and cut off the water supply. When cutting, cut all stems at an angle (except for tulips, which should be cut straight).


The fresh cut of flowers contributes significantly to the durability of the flowers - and with a good pair of flower scissors it is simply the easiest! We at Blumenpost are very enthusiastic about a pair of flower scissors that we use ourselves in the studio (you can order them here). With the purchase of a flower subscription, you will get them for free!



Your flowers may differ not only in appearance, but also in care. Accordingly, educating yourself about your flowers is an important (and exciting) task. We include a card with each bouquet that describes all the flowers in your bouquet. It's worth taking a look at it - because if you know your flowers, you can take better care of them.

Blumenpflege Tipps für Blumenpflege Wie pflege ich mein Blumen Tipps und Tricks zur Blumenpflege Blumen anschneiden Blumenvase


Fill your vase to about ⅔ full with fresh lukewarm water. If the water is too cold, the flowers will suffer from cold shock - so make sure the water is at a comfortable temperature. Then add the flower food so that your flowers are optimally supplied with nutrients.


Arranging the flowers plays an important role in making your flowers look their best. 

  1. Cut the ribbon and place the flowers in front of you. 

  2. First take two thick and sturdy stems and arrange them crosswise in the vase.

  3. Take two more stems and place them in between - so that now there is one stem pointing in each direction.

  4. Now you have the perfect framework and can arrange all the other stems in between.

In our video you can easily see how we applied these steps ourselves. Watch it for yourself to see how easily you will be able to do the same. And as you see: The bouquet is allowed to be a bit wilder, after all, all flowers and stems are unique (like this funny poppy dangling from the vase in the video).


By the way: If you want to leave the bouquet as we tied it, you can simply cut the ribbon and place the bouquet directly into the vase as a whole. This way, the composition is preserved, but the flowers still have more air to breathe.


After you've figured out the types of flowers in your bouquet, you can now reach for a suitable vase. There are a few things you should keep in mind: The vase should not be too small. If you have to squeeze the stems in, it's too small for your bouquet. Because flowers like to have a little space so that their blossoms can unfold and so that enough air can get into the vase. That's why we advise bulbous or taller straight vases. This way your flowers have enough air and can still give each other support. In the photo you can see what a bulbous vase looks like. (Click here for our vases). Make sure that the vase is also clean. Clean it with detergent before you fill it with water. Bacteria in the vase will cause your flowers to wilt more quickly.

Blumenpflege Tipps für Blumenpflege Wie pflege ich mein Blumen Tipps und Tricks zur Blumenpflege Blumen anschneiden Blumenvase


In general, a shady place is always best for flowers to stay fresh for a long time. It is cooler and the water in the vase evaporates less quickly. In order to give your flowers a few rays of sunshine nonetheless, we recommend changing the flower’s spot from time to time. The following details can help you keep your flowers beautiful for longer:

  • Do not place your flowers directly in front of windows - they act like a burning glass and cause flowers to wilt quickly. 

  • Do not place your flowers near fruits or other wilting flowers - they also make fresh flowers wilt faster.

  • Make sure you put your flowers in a place away from drafts - cut flowers can't stand drafts.

  • Also, make sure you don't place your flowers near a heater, as they will dry out faster.

Blumenpflege Tipps für Blumenpflege Wie pflege ich mein Blumen Tipps und Tricks zur Blumenpflege Blumen anschneiden Blumenvase
Blumenpflege Tipps für Blumenpflege Wie pflege ich mein Blumen Tipps und Tricks zur Blumenpflege Blumen anschneiden Blumenvase


Your flowers like consistent care – ideally every two or three days. Regular care includes the following steps:

  • Freshly cutting your flowers.

  • Weeding out withered stems.

  • Changing the water (more often than every two to three days, if the water changes color more quickly or the flowers drink a lot).

  • Cleaning the vase to prevent bacteria from forming.


If only a few stems are still blooming, you can make a small remnant bouquet out of it. Our personal tip: If only a few stems remain, the now somewhat minimalist bouquet also looks really nice in the bathroom!

We wish you lots of fun with the care of your flowers. By the way: With every bouquet that we deliver, we include a card that describes all the flowers in your bouquet and includes the most important care tips. Have fun! 


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