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At Blumenpost, we are all about sustainability.

This is how we try to be as sustainable as possible.




Seasonal and local

And we do this all year round! We plan which varieties we need and in what quantities. This way, we only harvest what our customers order and we don't waste any flowers.

As pesticide-free as possible
We are against the use of pesticides. For infested varieties, our farmers spray according to Suisse Garantie or organic standards.

Shortest distances

Because we source our flowers from regional farmers, we cut transport distances and minimise CO2 emissions. If available, we always source our flowers from Swiss producers. Especially during late fall, winter and early spring, we add flowers from Italy and the South of Germany.

Ecological packaging

We don’t use any plastic in our packaging. We only use recyclable and compostable materials - for our flowers and all our additional products.

Blumenpost Nachhaltigkeit Schnittblumen
Blumenpost Soziale Nachhaltigkeit


Swiss flower farmers are facing a strong price war. Due to the low prices of imported flowers from Holland and overseas, florists' and consumers' willingness to pay has fallen sharply in recent years. As a result, flower cultivation in Switzerland is declining. We believe this should change.

Support the local agriculture in Switzerland

That's why we support Swiss agriculture and source the varieties that are grown in our country and which are actually in season. Especially during the Winter season, we also source flowers in Italy and in the South of Germany to ensure a beautiful variety whilst still being as local as possible.

Cooperation for the future

Because we are closer to our customers and can see which varieties are popular, we can even play a part in deciding what our farmers grow. In this way, we are proactively helping to expand the cultivation of Swiss flowers.



This aspect is also part of sustainability so that we can survive as a company - otherwise our ecological and social efforts would be undone as well.

No stock

Through precise planning of the individual bouquets, we can also dispense with stock-keeping. We only buy what has been ordered. So there is no waste and we deliver the freshest flowers.

No intermediaries

Because we also decide together with the farmers what goes into our bouquets, we can avoid auction houses and middlemen. This gives us better prices and better quality. And we pass that on to our customers.

Blumenpost Wirtschaftliche Nachhaltigkeit

Do you have an idea on how we can make Blumenpost even more sustainable? Get in touch with us! It is our goal to improve and become more sustainable every day. We look forward to hearing from you!

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